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What nutrition principles
should be applied?

You have already learned what to eat, what to avoid and what you can afford - probably many of you are most pleased with the possibility of consuming alcohol :) (we still advise you to avoid it for at least a month, because it’s more likely to be tempted to eat something banned after drinking)
How to endure?

At the beginning we will tell you how to get started, how to persevere the first few days, how to enjoy the next weeks while respecting the new nutrition principles and how to reward yourself for the results. We will explain why you should eat exactly these products and what is happening with your system when you follow our recommendations.

We’ve got two more surprises which will accelerate your fat burning for those who are really persistent. They will accelerate fat burning up to 100%, restore your system’s balance and keep it this way without any diseases or ailments.

Start with testing your blood

Before you start to apply our nutrition principles we recommend you to perform the following blood tests: morphology, CRP, liver tests, iron, ferritin, level of vitamin B12, D3, lipidogram (triglycerides, HDL, LDL, and cholesterol), insulin and glucose curve 3-point.

They are not necessary, but will determine and eliminate the emergence of such diseases as insulin resistance and diabetes. They will also show you the state of your system before the application of our principles, so after a month you will be able see the positive impact they had on your results. The results will allow also you to notice the deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, which should be complemented by appropriate supplementation.

Perform a measurement and watch the effects

The next step is to perform a fair measurement taken in the morning. Weigh and measure the circumference of your waist, hips and abdomen.

A fast decrease of circumference indicators gives the greatest satisfaction when you apply our rules. This comes as a result of converting the stored fat tissue into energy for your system.

Let's get started!

Here we will show you how your day should look like. You have to take our word for it now. You’re probably here, because a friend of yours, who has already achieved some great results with our guidelines, recommended our site to you. Rely on their effects and our assurances that the day you begin to follow these principles will be a turning point in your life.

Beginning of the day

You should start each day with drinking a glass of mineral water (but not freezing-cold). It’s a good time to supplement vitamin C, so add some. Next, 30 minutes after waking up, it’s good to eat a tablespoon of coconut oil (unrefined, cold-pressed). If consuming the oil in its raw form is hard for you, simply add it to your tea (unsweetened!) or coffee (adding cream is allowed, but still no sugar or milk). Coconut oil will provide you with a dose of energy for the next few hours and you will forget about feeling hunger, which will disappear forever in a few days.

Before the first meal

You should have your first meal approximately 4-6 hours after awakening. You will be easily able to hold on until that time thanks to the coconut oil and drinking mineral water. Fish oil (may be encapsulated) and vitamin D3+K2 supplementation is recommended in approximately two hours before the meal (there’s no need to be on the dot).

First meal

When the moment for the first meal comes, eat what we suggest in the list, in satisfactory quantities. Usually the portion of meat and its corresponding portion of vegetables is sufficient. Vegetables should be preferably topped with butterfat, animal oil or the fat used for the preparation of meat - thanks to this vegetables will get a delicious taste (they will not be "grassy", which is an obstacle in the initial phase of meat consumption for many people). We recommend the intake of multivitamin complex and complex B vitamins after the meal. The second meal can be eaten at any time, as long as not too late and not just before bedtime. If you become hungry between the meals, try to relieve hunger pangs by eating snacks such as nuts, swirls of cheese, ham or avocado. We recommend supplementation with zinc and magnesium before going to sleep.

During the day

Drink plenty of water during the day, because after eliminating carbohydrates your body will get rid of water much faster than usual (which will result in almost immediate weight loss of 1-1,5kg in the first days of following our recommendations). Due to the consumption of large amounts of water, the system may flushed of sodium and potassium, which we recommend to be supplemented from time to time. Alternatively, in the moments of "weakness" you can drink a cup of hot broth, well salted. Broth without vegetables and pasta drunk every day allows to avoid these initial side effects like dizziness, heart palpitations, momentary lack of energy or sleepiness. These symptoms occur only during the first days of following the new nutrition principles and disappear very quickly. Do not be afraid of them, as they are a natural reaction of the system.

Take note

Important information, which may concern certain people. Diarrhea may occur during the first few days. It usually lasts 1-2 days and happens due to eating more fat than usual and flushing bacterias from the system so far fed themselves with sugar supplied by unhealthy meals rich in carbohydrates and sugar through the intestines.

I won't have any energy!
I will be hungry all the time!

Probably many of you have such thoughts while reading our site. Well, no! You will have a lot more energy and hunger will disappear. Why? In order to answer that question, you have to understand what hunger is and how it arises.

Can I afford to make a small concessions?
Absolutely not!

Even a slice of bread, sweet fruit, cake, slice of chocolate, ice cream, pasta, rice - in short anything that has sugar and carbohydrates, will put your system in fat storage moge instead of burning the fat.

At best, it will end up with a one-day stagnation. If you are at a stage where you dream weight and dimensions have already been achieved, you can afford to eat things from the "forbidden list". You can do it, but it would be the best to do so in the evening, so your system would switch to fat burning mode during the night and you would be ready to function normally in the morning.

Eating wrong things during the day, among other, may lead to water retention and you would start feeling like a balloon and this feeling would stay with you until the next morning. However, you'll want to avoid grains and sugar for a different reason - health - more information in separate articles.

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