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What makes us gain weight?

Why are calories not the main cause of weight gain?

The issue to understand is the underlying causes of weight gain. The causes of obesity should not be found in calories but in hormonal imbalance. What should you do if it is not calories that determine weight gain, and counting them does not make much sense? The functioning of the body can be compared to a thermostat. If you reach a certain level, your body will send out a signal. Hormones responsible for the feeling of satiety are activated when we provide the body with the right amount of food. Trying to push more into yourself will make you sick at some point.

The main concern of those who are losing weight is gaining weight again after losing some weight. It is related to the activity of ghrelin responsible for the feeling of hunger. The level of this hormone increases in people who have lost weight, so they feel hungry, and the body slows down its metabolism until weight is regained. Therefore, this is a certain level that the body tries to achieve. Can it be changed?

Yes. It is also a condition that allows you to get rid of extra kilos permanently. It is important to understand that setting this level is a hormonal matter, as are most of the processes in the body.

Insulin plays a key role in this process. Higher insulin levels result in weight gain. If its level drops below the norm, weight loss will occur regardless of food, depending only on the level of hormones. This is where the theory that calories are responsible for putting on weight falls. Many people are convinced that the most important thing in the whole issue is the caloric balance, ignoring the real causes of the problem.

How to lower insulin levels?

Since insulin is the greatest and direct cause of weight gain, the question arises: how to lower its level? The main culprits responsible for rising insulin levels are carbohydrates. So you can’t put the calories from carbohydrate-rich foods in the same row with foods that don’t raise insulin levels, as they have very different effects on the body. Lowering insulin levels is most easily achieved by following a low-carbohydrate diet that is rich in natural fats.

How does the ketogenic diet work? We encourage you to read about the ketogenic diet for beginners and its principles. It is the best way to burn fat and fight for your health.

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