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What do you gain by being in a state of ketosis?

Nutritional ketosis has a very good effect on the entire body. With a ketogenic diet, your body’s metabolic pathway will change. The keto-adaptation period will take about a week. The form of nutrition we propose is effective and healthy as long as you follow the recommendations.

You won’t have to count all the calories (maybe a little bit at the beginning if you want to burn fat very quickly). You must remember that the lack of consistency and the slightest break from the diet will result in the breakdown of the fat-burning process, slow down the weight loss process and extend the process of re-adaptation.

In return for your discipline, you will get rid of excess pounds and a huge amount of fat. You will eat interesting, tasty and filling ketogenic meals and as a result you will not go hungry, and the heart, brain and every cell will function efficiently and efficiently by about 25% compared to what you have been eating so far.

You do not need to be familiar with human physiology and understand the entire process of the diet, but it is important to remember that a small “bite” of sweet cake, a teaspoon of sugar, a sip of juice or beer will cause a discharge of insulin, which will hinder the weight loss process. Usually people think that a piece of cake won’t hurt, it’s just a piece. In fact, it does harm, and it does it significantly because with low-carbohydrate nutrition, your entire body’s metabolism changes.

Fun fact

After consumption, coconut oil is not stored in the body for a long time, unlike animal or vegetable fats. It undergoes a completely different metabolism. It is converted into energy and not stored as fat. Coconut oil improves the functioning of the thyroid gland (struggling with the thyroid gland is a problem for many overweight people – it is responsible for metabolism and body temperature) and increases energy levels and speeds up metabolism, which makes the body burn calories faster.

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