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Top 10 ways to eat more healthy fat

Full-fat ingredients paired with creamy, delicious sauces… Low-carb eating can be a lot of fun! Fat is a wonderful flavour enhancer; it improves the flavour of everything. Your meals will become very filling if you add enough fat to them. Get ready for a new twist on deliciousness!

It’s important to remember that a ketogenic low-carb diet must be high in fat in order to be satisfying and effective. Don’t be afraid of fat (it’s good for you) and don’t starve yourself. Just enough fat to keep you satisfied after each meal. However, for people who aren’t used to eating natural fat, it can be difficult at times. That is why we have written this article specifically for you.

Here are the top ten ways to eat more fat and which fats to choose.

1. Start with full-fat ingredients

Goodbye, low-fat and low-carbohydrate foods. Forget about artificial creams and low-fat peanut butter forever. Remove anything labelled “light” or “light” from your refrigerator and cupboard. Don’t bother with fat-free or low-fat dairy (you can also use the previously purchased version of low-fat yoghurt by adding fat to it, for example by mixing it with thick cream).

Consider your shopping list and stock your refrigerator with real foods, such as avocados and eggs, which are high in fat. Instead of avoiding natural fat, try adding it. Fatty cuts of meat are often more flavorful, tender, and affordable than lean cuts. Salmon and sardines, for example, are high in healthy fats and make a good addition. Incorporate these delicious foods into your daily diet.

2. Fry in fat

Steamed vegetables and dry chicken breasts are no longer an option. Cook vegetables, meat, fish, and eggs in delicious natural fats like butter or the others listed in point 3 below.

Add as much fat as you need.

3. Use a variety of fats to create different flavours.

Fats can alter the flavour of food, giving it more variety. Green beans, for example, can be prepared with butter for a comforting, familiar flavour, or with peanut oil and sesame oil for a delicious Asian-inspired variation. Simply try out different combinations to see what you like best. Fill your fridge with the following healthy fats:

4. Use low carbohydrate recipes

Low-carb recipes are designed to produce tasty, high-fat meals.

Try your favorite recipes or use our ketogenic diet recipes.

5. Add to dishes as dressing: olive oil, sauces or butter

Choose from a variety of fat-rich options to add to your dish. You will get a tasty and healthy solution as a result of this.

6. Add high-fat foods to your menu

Cheese, avocado, cold cuts, olives, seeds, and nuts are just a few of the items on the menu. When you use these products in your dishes, you’ll notice that they add a great flavour and, more importantly, complete nutrition, which includes a lot of fat! They’ll go with almost any dish, and here are some suggestions for how to put them together:

shredded Parmesan cheese | pieces of blue cheese | grated cheddar
smoked gouda cheese | buffalo mozzarella | pieces of feta cheese
Gruyere melted cheese | baked brie cheese | grilled halloumi cheese
avocado cubes | salsa guacamole
diced bacon | pancetta bacon slices | sausage
shredded black olives | stuffed green olives
roasted pine nuts | roasted pumpkin seeds | roasted sesame seeds
blanched almonds | chopped macadamia nuts | spiced walnuts

7. Make certain your snacks are high in fat.

As a general rule, snacks should be avoided, but if you’re too hungry to wait until your next meal, go for a real snack with a lot of fat. Cheese, nuts, and hard-boiled eggs are obvious choices.

8. Include cheese in your recipes

Cheese is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes. It can be used as a snack, icing, or dessert. Cheese is an excellent source of calories if you need a lot of them.

9. Dissolve the fat in coffee or tea

It’s simple to melt butter or coconut oil in coffee or tea. Pouring creamers also works. This warm and comforting fat injection can be used to replace breakfast, keep hunger at bay between meals, or even to replace dessert if you’re not satisfied. If you don’t drink these blends the right way, you’ll put off your weight loss, especially if you drink them when you’re not hungry and consume a lot of unnecessary energy. It is an extremely powerful tool, and it is critical that you use it wisely.

10. Consider a calorie bomb as a dessert

Our first piece of advice is to avoid dessert altogether, but if you must, look for recipes that are high in fat and low in sugar and artificial sweeteners. Unsweetened, thick whipped cream with a handful of raspberries, for example, is an excellent choice; this dessert will satisfy your desire for something “sweet” and will keep you satisfied for a long time.

Our website has a comprehensive list of products that are permitted on the ketogenic diet. Examine your options and the various sources of fat that are available to you.

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