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How do the levels of sugar and insulin change in our bodys?

The attached graphs present the condition of our body depending on whether we follow the principles of a low-carbohydrate and high-fat diet, or whether we eat, for example, 5 “wholesome” meals a day (including the consumption of carbohydrates and sugars). There is harmony when following the ketogenic diet, quite the opposite of what you did before you entered ketosis. These changes were shown on the graph thanks to the measurements of glucose and insulin levels in the analyzed period of time. Initial measurements are for traditional nutrition, while marking the red line means switching to ketogenic nutrition.

The following two charts show changes depending on the time of day. The first relates to our body’s response to the supply of carbohydrates and sugars when following the nutrition commonly considered as “balanced” (i.e. traditional several meals a day, consisting of carbohydrates and sugars), the second illustrates the balance that prevails during ketosis , which is a very beneficial state and strongly desired by our body.

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