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Drink more water and weigh less

“You need to drink a lot of water.” You’ve probably heard this advice a hundred times, but do you actually follow it? Have you ever thought about how much water you drink on a daily basis? We should understand real water as pure water that hasn’t had any sweeteners, flavours, or other chemicals added to it. Is it one glass or two? Do you want two or three glasses? Maybe not at all? Unfortunately, we frequently undervalue the importance of drinking enough water for our bodies. No matter how unreliable it sounds, not drinking enough water is a major factor in your weight gain.

Properties of water

Water is undeniably the most important of all beverages and foods, and it is referred to as the most important nutrient, despite the fact that it does not provide energy through the calories it contains. Our bodies require constant hydration in order to sustain life and function properly. We could live for a long time without the rest of the nutrients, but we wouldn’t last more than a few days if the body was deprived of water.

Water makes up nearly 60% of our body weight, emphasising the importance of water. Its consumption is so critical for maintaining proper body functions that even minor deviations can have a significant negative impact on our health.

When it comes to water consumption in terms of diet, there is one more premise to consider: in order to properly regulate and manage weight, it is necessary to properly hydrate the body with clean water. Many people struggle with obesity as a result of their failure to recognise the importance of drinking water. Exactly – it could be the cause of your obesity. Remember that diets that fail to account for adequate fluid intake and cause significant water loss are harmful to our health. A ketogenic diet should improve our health and well-being. A healthy diet emphasises the importance of water in weight loss and other health benefits.

According to the American Institute of Medicine, you should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Sweating, excreting, and breathing are just a few of the ways the body gets rid of this amount. The amount of water your body requires is determined by its size. To put it another way, a larger person requires more water than a smaller individual.

Is there a general guideline to follow?

Yes, for every 30 kg of body weight, 1 litre of water is consumed. This means that a 55 kg person should drink at least 2 litres of water per day, while a 95 kg person should drink at least 3 litres. Keep in mind that these figures determine the daily minimum water consumption. Furthermore, if you live an active lifestyle, live in a hot and dry climate, or simply live in the summer, you will require more nutrients than those listed above. It manifests itself as mild, chronic dehydration because most people do not drink as much as they should.

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