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Personalized advice

Thanks to our sponsor, all the content on the KetosisDietitian website is available free. Still, if you need an individual approach, support and some extra motivation, contact our ketogenic nutrition specialist for free introductory consultation.

Expert guidance - about me

My name is Katie Olivant, I am a certified expert in ketogenic nutrition. For years I have been dealing with my passion, that is ketogenic nutrition, which has successfully helped change the lifestyle of hundreds of thousands of people, restore the natural balance and health of their bodies and at the same time get rid of unnecessary kilograms.

I have a ketogenic nutrition expert certificate. I constantly improve my qualifications based on professional literature in the field of dietetics, physiology, medicine and sport. During individual dietary counseling, I make every effort to ensure that my patients receive the necessary and individual tips on the proper diet as well as the implementation of proper eating habits.Click here to see my certificate

The method used guarantees 100% effectiveness, even in the case of diseases causing obesity such as insulin resistance, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, PCOS, Hashimoto's disease, Graves/Besedow disease or thyroid problems. The application of the proposed principles also allows to reduce such ailments as reflux, asthma, RA inflammation, skin allergies and many others. It also allows the body to be restored to a natural balance with increased self-healing abilities, which positively affects the body's immunity and allows it to avoid new illnesses. By understanding how your body functions, you'll be able to enjoy a constant, natural source of energy.

Individual approach

Right after the first meeting you will understand the way your system works and how it reacts to the „fuel” you’re feeding it now. Natural and unprocessed food we recommend will provide your system with the right conditions to achieve its optimal performance.

Depending on the individual needs and the underlying health conditions, the price price of the service is determined individually. A detailed calculation of the cost will be presented to you after a preliminary consultation. The amount covers three months of guidance along with progress monitoring and dietary optimisation suited to your personal needs. Apart from the constant contact with a nutrition specialist, you will also receive personalized VIP content package including tips, recipes and regular email/sms messages which will motivate you, expand your knowledge and remind about the most important rules on a daily basis.

Consultations are held online on skype (including videoconferencing), by email, phone or in person. (we recommend online contact for reasons of convenience). Payments may be done using a wire transfer or using one of the digital wallets.

We guarantee your total satisfaction or a full refund up to 90 days since you have started to apply our principles. If you consider the effects to be unsatisfying or decide to quit for any other reason, you will receive a refund.

We’d like to remind that the same effects may be achieved for free , by spending some time on reading the articles published on our website and applying the nutrition principles we recommend. If you feel that you rather need an individual approach, regular guidance and a specialist supervision or you simply want to invest money in your health, wellbeing and appearance, we encourage you to schedule a preliminary consultation.

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