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Common mistakes made with a low-carb diet

What should you avoid?

Caffe Latte: Take note that it contains a lot of milk, which contains about 5% carbohydrate (milk sugar). If you want to keep your coffee carbs low, drink it black or add a few teaspoons of milk or cream if necessary. Another option is to drink coffee that has been infused with coconut oil (preferably in the morning to prolong intermittent fasting, it is an amazing energy boost).

Vitamin drinks and juices are high in sugar. It’s best to avoid them.

Fruits: These can be classified as natural sweets because they are high in sugar. Fruits aren’t as bad as juices, but they should still be avoided on a low-carbohydrate, raw diet. Fruit can be eaten in small amounts with a more liberal diet. Bananas and grapes have the highest sugar content of any fruit. See our website for a list of low-carb fruits that are allowed on a ketogenic diet -> Low-carb fruits allowed on a ketogenic diet

Cashews are a carbohydrate-rich food (other nuts have a lower carb ratio). Check out our low-carb nut guide -> Are low-carb nuts allowed on the ketogenic diet? ->

Really bad choices

Of course, if you’re on a low-carb diet, all of the options in the image above are out. They’re high in refined sugars and carbohydrates. Avoid making such decisions if at all possible.

Also, be wary of the snacks that claim to be “low carbohydrate” (chocolate, biscuits, and the like). They raise blood sugar levels, they’re usually loaded with sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners. These ingredients make losing weight difficult and increase the “desire” to eat sugar.

Instead, choose healthy alternatives. Use our low-carb snack recipes to your advantage.

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