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5 essential vitamins and minerals

1. Thiamin – B1

B vitamins are especially important for the good health of our brain. Thiamin is classified as one of the many B vitamins, it is mainly found in the nerve tissues and the brain. Plays a significant role in the conduction of nerve impulses. Importantly, the long-term lack of this vitamin in our body can lead to the Korsakoff syndrome, a chronic memory impairment, which is most visible in people suffering from diseases that strongly weaken the immune system or in alcoholics.

2. Folic acid – B9

This acid can be obtained from food like spinach, asparagus, or lentils. Half of this vitamin is found in the liver and, therefore, its damage may result in a deficiency of several essential B vitamins. Vitamin B9 also plays a key role in the process of amino acid synthesis and in the formation of nervous tissue. To a large extent, folic acid metabolism is dependent on the supply of other B vitamins, and their deficiency is strongly associated with developmental problems in children.


3. Vitamin C

The brain, especially the pituitary gland, has the highest concentration (400 mg/kg) of this essential vitamin. You can get a partial requirement of this powerful antioxidant from green vegetables or citrus fruits. Vitamin C is extremely important during the synthesis of the neurotransmitter (dopamine) and at the same time protects the brain from oxidative stress.

4. Magnesium

It plays a key role in transforming many B vitamins into an active form. In other words, the supply of any vitamin supplement to the body will be ineffective if we do not take care of the correct intake of magnesium and other minerals. In cell membranes, magnesium is responsible for the correct transmission of impulses. Moreover, magnesium must be supplied in ideal amounts in the body to prevent the nervous system from becoming excitable, which can result in neurological problems.

5. Cynk

Zinc deficiency in the body is related to various mental and neurological disorders. The conducted research showed that changes in zinc homeostasis were visible in people suffering from Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. Zinc can be found in products such as pumpkin seeds, shrimp, and beef.

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